Best Western Hotel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud 4 star close to the Gare de l’Est and the Gare du Nord

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Best Western Hôtel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud

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The Best Western Hôtel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud is situated in the 6, Rue Gustave Goublier, in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, just behind the Passage Brady. It is a few minutes’ walk from the Gare de l’Est railway station, where  Arthur Rimbaud went in response to an invitation from Paul Verlaine, after he had sent him some of his poems – « Venez, chère grande âme, on vous appelle, on vous attend.» («Come, dear great soul, we are calling you, we are waiting for you.») (September 1871).

This four-star Parisian Literary Hotel is the fifth addition to the collection of the Hôtels Littéraires, and, for the first time, pays tribute to a poet. It is based on exactly the same model as the previous hotels, beginning with the opening of the Hôtel Littéraire Le Swann in 2013, and was created by the same team, headed by Jacques Letertre, President of the Société des Hôtels Littéraires – an architect assisted by interior designers, a watercolourist and a literary consultant. The hotel is a symbol of departure and travel, and seemed to us an ideal way to celebrate Rimbaud and his poetry – «the considerable passer-by» as Mallarmé described him; «the man with soles of wind» so dear to Verlaine.

Discovering Rimbaud and his Work

With the help of the architect Aude Bruguière and her interior design assistants Aleth Prime and Virginie Darmon, we have devoted the hotel to Arthur Rimbaud, his poetic work and his travels, in a welcoming, contemporary atmosphere.

The entrance hall features a painted ceiling inspired by the « Bateau ivre » by artist Jean Aubertin, which invites you to contemplate a starry night full of symbols; close by is a full-length portrait of Rimbaud by Ernest Pignon-Ernest, of which only few or so original copies exist, which recalls the iconic photograph by Carjat in his famous version of urban art.

Each floor of the hotel is based on Rimbaud’s poems, from his early teenage writings such as « Ophélie », « Roman », « Ma Bohême » and « Le Dormeur du val », to new forms of poems, including « Voyelles », « Comédie de la Soif », « Michel et Christine » and « Fêtes de la patience ». The third floor is based on the chapters of Une saison en enfer and the prose poems of the Illuminations, featuring « Mauvais sang », « Alchimie du verbe », « Aube » and « Génie ».

We meet Rimbaud’s friends and family, with rooms devoted to Georges Izambard, Rimbaud’s mother and sisters, Paul Verlaine and Etienne Carjat. On the top floor, the focus is on Rimbaud’s towns and cities, from Charleville to Harar via Brussels, London and Aden.

Each room is personalised with an original watercolour by Jean Aubertin, whose work is already on display in all the other Hôtels Littéraires. Jean Aubertin also painted a portrait of Rimbaud for the hotel. A framed text of a poem, plus a few explanations, should inspire you to (re)read Rimbaud – you’ll find a book on your bedside table!


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The hotel is 6 rue Gustave Goublier, 75010 PARIS

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Longitude : 48.8707419, Latitude : 2.3558141999999407
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