The Concept of the Hôtels Littéraires
Four-star hotels dedicated to our favourite authors


The Hôtels Littéraires were created by the collector and booklover Jacques Letertre in tribute to his favourite writers, to share his enthusiasm with all visitors and offer them an opportunity to immerse themselves in the worlds of the greatest authors. Every detail of these four-star establishments is carefully thought out to offer a different artistic and cultural approach, so everyone can find a customised approach to (re)discovering the work and personality of these writers.

In Unesco’s 2030 Calendar, the dimension of culture is included as a keystone of sustainable development, with the idea of making it accessible to as many people as possible. To meet current societal challenges, and to contribute to general interest, our company has decided to put its resources at the service of this project.
The Société des Hôtels Littéraires has therefore set itself the mission of making French literature accessible to a wider audience by making a hotel stay a literary and artistic journey of an author’s works.
To disseminate the works of famous French writers to its visitors. and to make them aware of new artistic worlds, our hotel offer includes creative cultural content, thereby contributing to the development of sustainable tourism.

With the leadership of Alban Letertre, Managing Director, the Hôtels Littéraires became pioneers of the ecological transition in the tourism industry. We joined the Coq vert community, part of the BPI, a very close partner. We are proud to be a Scout member in order to help other companies willing to participate in this fundamental evolution of the hotel industry.

All our hotels have received the international Green Key label, the first international and sustainable label which proposes to act for sustainable tourism.

In everyday life, it means 
•    Offering Sustainable products 
•    Working on energy savings 
•    Buying from local producers
•    Limiting food waste 
•    Using Eco labeled Products 

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The Hotel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud is situated at the foot of the Gare de l'Est, in the historic district of the 10th Arrondissement, where Rimbaud arrived from his native Ardennes between two runaway escapades. Visitors are offered a discovery trail of the poet's complete works via the décor, which is a homage to Rimbaud's voyages and travels from one place to another; nature, Aden and Harar, and Parisian cafés. The many collectors' items, such as manuscripts, rare books, drawings and objets d'art, create an authentic look. In addition, the personalised rooms and all the floors reflect Rimbaud's life and writings.

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The Hôtel Littéraire Le Swann, in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, was the first Hôtel Littéraire to be entirely devoted to Marcel Proust and his world.  

It is located in the heart of the historically Proustian district of the Plaine Monceau. 

11-15 rue de Constantinople, 75008 PARIS


In Montmartre, a short distance from the Moulin de la Galette The Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé.

The Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé, in the charming Rue Tholozé, pays tribute to the author of Les Contes du chat perché and La Traversée de Paris, who was an iconic figure in Montmartre.

16, rue Tholozé - 75018 PARIS


In Rouen, near the Place du Vieux Marché The Hôtel Littéraire Gustave Flaubert.
The Hôtel Littéraire Gustave Flaubert pays tribute to this writer from Normandy, in the city in which he was born and where he spent most of his life.

33 rue du Vieux Palais, 76000 ROUEN


In Clermont-Ferrand, in the Place Delille The Hotel Littéraire Alexandre Vialatte.

The hotel is situated near the Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port, a jewel of Romanesque art. It's an ideal starting-point for exploring the city in which Alexandre Vialatte, the "notoriously unknown" novelist, journalist and translator, lived for several years.

6 place Delille, 63000 CLERMONT FERRAND



In 2021:  The Hôtel Littéraire Jules Verne in Biarritz

Not far from the ocean that so inspired him to write his "extraordinary journeys," the Hotel Littéraire Jules Verne celebrates the author of Tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours (Around the World in Eighty Days) and Vingt Mille lieues sous les mers (Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea), in a setting that represents discovery and adventure.


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